A BREATH Godard Hubert

Date de parution : 27/05/2022
ISBN : 9782930146461
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Like philosophers of antiquity for whom teaching was
in service to a way of life, Hubert Godard proposes
that we approach breath in the live in order to
understand the extent to which breathing is a function
of our postural attitude in relation to our milieu, the
This booklet recalls a practical session during which
practitioner and theoretician Hubert Godard shares
with a patient his vibrant approach to breathing. He
makes available to us the fruits of his passionate
research into the sources of human movement.
  • ISBN : 9782930146461
  • Titre : A BREATH
  • Auteur : Godard Hubert
  • Editeur : CONTREDANSE
  • Nb Pages : 48

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